About the amazing things you see here.

These comics are drawn by me: Jeff Hencz (JHENCZ). I’m a college student located in Chicago. I am very handsome. I’m totally cool with you posting my comics on your blog or whatever, but try and credit me, alright?

Twitter: @TheMagWhatev

Email: themagnificentwhatever@gmail.com


17 comments on “About the amazing things you see here.”

  1. You are such a rad dad.

  2. This dad agrees entirely.

  3. I really love your comics! I’m guessing you make them for a living?

  4. i stumbled upon this site via reddit and im enjoying it much so! keep up the goodies!

  5. These are actually really great.

  6. just stumbled upon this W-comic, and read through the archives. This is the funniest W-comic I’ve ever read, and I hope to read more soon. 🙂

  7. Just went through all of these comics, they are great. ‘One wish.’ was the one I stumbled upon, and i thought it was laugh out loud worthy, which seems rare for most web comics. Your comics turned a boring day of lectures into an enjoyable one.

  8. Jeff. I am so glad I found these once again. You melt my icy heart.

  9. I love you.

  10. hi, I happend to stumble upon this website aswhell and decided to see if you really were handsome but as far as facebook is concerned you are none existant. I suggest, actually i dare you to leave a pucture(:

  11. did you go to high school in the north shore cuzzzzzzz if so then I’m pretty sure I went to high school with you. if not, then this is just a coincidence.

  12. Because I love your blog so much, I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Congrats!



  13. If I fail my courses this quarter it is because I spent the night reading all your comics rather than studying xD. Bravo

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